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The mission of Sterling College is to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith and go forth to change the world.

Our vision: To be recognized as the finest Christ-centered, servant leadership development focused, liberal arts experience in the Great Plains.

Our core values: In active, vital partnership with church, community and strategic partners, and ever striving for first-class quality in all that it does, the Sterling College community will be guided in all its work by the following intrinsic values:

* Faith: Faithful discernment of and response to God’s self-revelation in Christ in Scripture

* Calling: Faithful discovery and pursuit of each person’s particular calling in life

* Learning: A love of learning and a dedication to the pursuit of truth

* Integrity: Integrity in scholarship, the arts, athletics, and all other co-curricular activities

* Service: Faithful practice of redemptive servant leadership involving a vision of wholeness in a broken world

* Community: Mutual respect amid diversity as members of the body of Christ

Our Beliefs:

* Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the way of salvation

* Holy Scripture is God's revealed Word and Christian believers' only infallible rule of faith and life

* Logically, then, all the ways in which we live will be in accordance with what the Bible teaches so that we may glorify God through Jesus Christ.

* We are committed to living and teaching a Christ-like lifestyle and attitude.

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