Occupation Profile for Managers of Production and Operating Workers

Supervise and coordinate the activities of production and operating workers, such as inspectors, precision workers, machine setters and operators, assemblers, fabricators, and plant and system operators.


$47,300.00 Median Annual Wage 12,000 Average Job Openings Per Year
2.6 Average Unemployment Percentage 52.9 Percentage That Completed High School
699,000 Employment Numbers in 2006 32.2 Percentage That Had Some College
665,000 Employment Numbers in 2016 (est.) 14.9 Percentage That Went Beyond College Degree

Sample Job Titles
Acid Supervisor
Aging Department Supervisor
Alumina Plant Supervisor
Anode Crew Supervisor
Assembly Supervisor
Automotive Tire-Testing Supervisor
Bakery Supervisor
Beater Boss
Blending Supervisor
Breaker Boss
Brush Fabrication Supervisor
Burning Supervisor
Cabinetmaker, Supervisor
Calender Supervisor
Casting Supervisor
Catalyst Operator, Chief
Cd Storage and Materials Make-Up Operator, Head
Cell Feed Department Supervisor
Cellar Supervisor
Certified Solid Waste Facility Operator
Chemical Processing Supervisor
Chest Painting and Sealing Supervisor
Chief Dispatcher
Chief Inspector
Chief Load Dispatcher
Chief Projectionist
Cloth Finisher
Cloth Grader Supervisor
Coal Yard Supervisor
Coating Mixer Supervisor
Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant Supervisor
Concrete Foreman
Controller, Coal or Ore
Converter Supervisor
Converting Supervisor
Cooking, Casing, and Drying Supervisor
Cosmetics Supervisor
Crew Chief
Crew Leader
Crusher Supervisor
Custom Feed Mill Operator
Cutting Supervisor
Decorating and Assembly Supervisor
Department Head
Department Manager
Die Cast Supervisor
Dispatcher, Chief
Distilling Department Supervisor
Distribution Manager
District Gauger
Drawing Kiln Supervisor
Dye-House Supervisor
Dyer, Supervisor
Electrical Supervisor
Electrostatic Powder Coating Technician
Embroidery Supervisor
Engineer, Chief, Compressor Station
Engineer, Chief, Station
Engineer, Head, Refrigeration
Engineer, Shift
Engraving Supervisor
Explosive Operator Supervisor
Fabric Coating Supervisor
Felt Goods Supervisor, Needle Process
Fiberline Supervisor
Filing and Polishing Supervisor
Filter Plant Supervisor
Finishing Area Supervisor
Finishing Manager
Finishing Supervisor
Finishing Supervisor, Plastic Sheets
Firearms Assembly Supervisor
First Line Supervisor
Floor Supervisor
Floor Supervisor, Endless Belt Weaving Department
Floorperson, Supervising
Forge Shop Supervisor
Foundry Supervisor
Gang Leader
Gang Pusher
Gasket Supervisor
Gauger Chief
General Handling Supervisor
Glass Cut-Off Supervisor
Glaze Supervisor
Grease Maker, Head
Group Leader
Head Cook
Head Operator, Sulfide
Heat Treat Supervisor
Heating and Blending Supervisor
Heating Plant Superintendent
Hydraulic Pressure Auto Frettage Machine Operator Supervisor
Hydroelectric Station Operator, Chief
Hydroelectric Station, Chief
Incinerator Plant General Supervisor
Inspection Supervisor
Inspector, Chief
Jewel Supervisor
Job Boss
Knitting Machine Fixer, Head
Laboratory Chief
Laboratory Supervisor
Lead Burner Supervisor
Lead Section Supervisor
Loft Worker, Head
Loom Fixer Supervisor
Machine Adjuster Leader
Machine Assembler Supervisor
Machine Group Leader
Machine Shop Supervisor, Production
Machine Shop Supervisor, Tool
Machining and Assembly Supervisor
Machining Manager
Machinist Supervisor, Outside
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Planner
Maintenance Supervisor
Manager, Food Production
Manager, Launderette, Laundromat, or Laundry
Manager, Laundromat
Manager, Production
Manager, Production Reproduction
Manufacturing Group Leader
Manufacturing Manager
Manufacturing Supervisor
Materials Director
Mechanical Supervisor
Melter Supervisor
Melting Supervisor
Mill Labor Supervisor
Mill Platform Supervisor
Mill Supervisor
Miller Supervisor
Milling Supervisor
Mixing Supervisor
Molding Supervisor
Nitroglycerin Supervisor
Operations Manager
Operations Supervisor
Operations Supervisor, Nuclear Power Plant
Packaging Manager
Packaging Supervisor
Packing House Supervisor
Painter Supervisor
Paper Machine Supervisor
Paper Mill Superintendent
Paper Mill Supervisor
Paper Products Supervisor
Paster Supervisor
Pattern Chain Maker Supervisor
Pattern Grader Supervisor
Pattern Shop Supervisor
Permanent Mold Supervisor
Pharmaceutical Compounding Supervisor
Plant Manager
Plant Superintendent
Plant Supervisor
Plating Foreman
Poleyard Supervisor
Porcelain Enameling Supervisor
Pot Lining Supervisor
Pot Room Supervisor
Potato Chip Processing Supervisor
Powder and Primer Canning Leader
Precipitator Supervisor
Preparation Supervisor
Prepress Manager
Press Hand Supervisor
Press Operator
Press Supervisor
Pressroom Supervisor
Pressure Supervisor
Primer Supervisor
Print Production Coordinator
Printing Manager
Printing Supervisor
Process Area Supervisor
Process Coordinator
Production Assistant
Production Department Supervisor
Production Director
Production Manager
Production Manager, Reproduction
Production Supervisor
Production Supervisor, Anhydrous Ammonia
Production Supervisor, Defluorinated Phosphate
Protective Signal Superintendent
Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager)
Quality Assurance Supervisor (QA Supervisor)
Quality Control Manager (QC Manager)
Quality Control Supervisor (QC Supervisor)
Quality Controller
Quarter Supervisor
Receiving Manager
Receiving Supervisor
Reclamation Supervisor
Recordist, Chief
Reduction Plant Supervisor
Refrigerating Engineer, Head
Relay Shop Supervisor
Remelt Furnace Expediter
Retread Supervisor
Salvage Engineer
Salvage Supervisor
Sample Room Supervisor
Sampler, Head
Screw Supervisor
Sewing Supervisor
Sheet Mill Supervisor
Shell Shop Supervisor
Shift Leader
Shift Production Supervisor
Shift Superintendent, Agricultural Chemicals
Shift Superintendent, Caustic Cresylate
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor, Film Processing
Shipping/Receiving Manager
Shoe Repair Supervisor
Shop Foreman
Shop Supervisor
Shrink Pit Supervisor
Slab Conditioner Supervisor
Soaping Department Supervisor
Sorting Supervisor
Spikemaking Supervisor
Station Chief
Stationary Engineer Supervisor
Steel Pan Form Placing Supervisor
Stocking and Box Shop Supervisor
Structural Mill Supervisor
Substation Operator, Chief
Suction Dredge Pipeline Placing Supervisor
Sugar Reprocess Operator, Head
Superintendent, Cold Storage
Superintendent, Distribution
Superintendent, Grain Elevator
Superintendent, Meters
Superintendent, Seed Mill
Superintendent, Tests
Supervisor, Abattoir
Supervisor, Abrasive and Polished Products
Supervisor, Alteration Workroom
Supervisor, Alum Plant
Supervisor, Aluminum Boat Assembly
Supervisor, Aluminum Fabrication
Supervisor, Ammunition
Supervisor, Art Objects
Supervisor, Artificial Flowers
Supervisor, Asbestos Pipe
Supervisor, Asbestos Textile
Supervisor, Asbestos-Cement Sheet
Supervisor, Assembly and Packing
Supervisor, Assembly Department
Supervisor, Assembly Line
Supervisor, Assembly Room
Supervisor, Automatic Machines
Supervisor, Automobile Assembly
Supervisor, Beam Department
Supervisor, Beater Room
Supervisor, Beehive Kiln
Supervisor, Beet End
Supervisor, Belt and Link Assembly
Supervisor, Bindery
Supervisor, Bit and Shank Department
Supervisor, Blast Furnace
Supervisor, Blast Furnace Auxiliaries
Supervisor, Bleach
Supervisor, Blooming Mill
Supervisor, Blueprinting and Photocopy
Supervisor, Board Mill
Supervisor, Boat Cleaning
Supervisor, Boat Outfitting
Supervisor, Boatbuilder
Supervisor, Boiler Operators
Supervisor, Boiler Tenders
Supervisor, Boilermaking
Supervisor, Bonding
Supervisor, Bone Plant
Supervisor, Boots and Shoes
Supervisor, Bottle House Cleaners
Supervisor, Boxing and Pressing
Supervisor, Brew House
Supervisor, Briar Shop
Supervisor, Brine
Supervisor, Brineyard
Supervisor, Broommaking
Supervisor, Burling and Joining
Supervisor, Burning, Forming, and Assembly
Supervisor, Butcher
Supervisor, Byproducts
Supervisor, C D Area
Supervisor, Calendering
Supervisor, Candle Making
Supervisor, Candy
Supervisor, Canvas Goods
Supervisor, Cap and Hat Production
Supervisor, Car Installations
Supervisor, Carbon Electrodes
Supervisor, Carbon Paper Coating
Supervisor, Carding
Supervisor, Carton and Can Supply
Supervisor, Casting and Pasting
Supervisor, Cell Efficiency
Supervisor, Cell Operation
Supervisor, Cell Room
Supervisor, Cellar
Supervisor, Cereal
Supervisor, Channel Process
Supervisor, Char House
Supervisor, Chemical
Supervisor, Chemical Plant Operator
Supervisor, Chocolate and Cocoa Processing
Supervisor, Cigar Making
Supervisor, Cigar Making Machine
Supervisor, Cigar Making, Hand
Supervisor, Cigar Tobacco Processing
Supervisor, Circus
Supervisor, Clay Preparation
Supervisor, Clay Shop
Supervisor, Cleaning
Supervisor, Cloth Winding
Supervisor, Coal Handling
Supervisor, Coating
Supervisor, Coffee
Supervisor, Coil Winding
Supervisor, Coin Machine
Supervisor, Coke Handling
Supervisor, Cold Rolling
Supervisor, Color Paste Mixing
Supervisor, Component Assembler
Supervisor, Composing Room
Supervisor, Compounding and Finishing
Supervisor, Compressed Yeast
Supervisor, Concrete Block Plant
Supervisor, Concrete Pipe Plant
Supervisor, Concrete Stone Fabricating
Supervisor, Concrete Stone Finishing
Supervisor, Conditioning Yard
Supervisor, Continuous Weld Pipe Mill
Supervisor, Cook House
Supervisor, Cook Room
Supervisor, Cooperage Shop
Supervisor, Corduroy Cutting
Supervisor, Coremaker
Supervisor, Corncob Pipe
Supervisor, Corncob Pipe Manufacturing
Supervisor, Costuming
Supervisor, Covering and Lining
Supervisor, Cured Meat Packing
Supervisor, Cured Meats
Supervisor, Curing Room
Supervisor, Cutting and Boning
Supervisor, Cutting and Sewing Department
Supervisor, Cutting and Splicing
Supervisor, Cutting Department
Supervisor, Dairy Processing
Supervisor, Decorating
Supervisor, Defluorinated Phosphate Production
Supervisor, Dehydrogenation
Supervisor, Dental Laboratory
Supervisor, Department
Supervisor, Dials
Supervisor, Diamond Finishing
Supervisor, Die Casting
Supervisor, Dimension Warehouse
Supervisor, Display Fabrication
Supervisor, Dock
Supervisor, Drawing
Supervisor, Dried Yeast
Supervisor, Dry Cell Assembly
Supervisor, Dry Cleaning
Supervisor, Dry Paste
Supervisor, Dry Starch
Supervisor, Dry-Cell Assembly
Supervisor, Dry-Starch
Supervisor, Drying
Supervisor, Drying and Winding
Supervisor, Edging
Supervisor, Egg Processing
Supervisor, Electrical Assemblies
Supervisor, Electrical Assembly
Supervisor, Electronic Coils
Supervisor, Electronic Computer Subassembly
Supervisor, Electronics
Supervisor, Electronics Processing
Supervisor, Electronics Production
Supervisor, Electrotyping and Stereotyping
Supervisor, Engine Assembly
Supervisor, Epoxy Fabrication
Supervisor, Erection Shop
Supervisor, Esters and Emulsifiers
Supervisor, Evaporator
Supervisor, Extruding Department
Supervisor, Extrusion
Supervisor, Fabrication
Supervisor, Fabrication and Assembly
Supervisor, Fabrication Department
Supervisor, Facepiece Line
Supervisor, Factory
Supervisor, Feed House
Supervisor, Feed Mill
Supervisor, Fence
Supervisor, Fence Manufacture
Supervisor, Fermenting Cellars
Supervisor, Fertilizer
Supervisor, Fertilizer Processing
Supervisor, Fiber-Locking
Supervisor, Fiberglass Boat Assembly
Supervisor, Fiberglass Pipe Covering
Supervisor, Field Assembly, Prefabricated Homes
Supervisor, Filing and Packing
Supervisor, Filling and Packing
Supervisor, Film Processing
Supervisor, Filtration
Supervisor, Final Assembly and Packing
Supervisor, Finishing and Shipping
Supervisor, Finishing Department
Supervisor, Finishing Room
Supervisor, Fireworks Assembly
Supervisor, Fish Bait Processing
Supervisor, Fish Processing
Supervisor, Fitting
Supervisor, Flame Cutting
Supervisor, Floor
Supervisor, Foam Cutting
Supervisor, Forming and Assembling
Supervisor, Forming Department
Supervisor, Frame Sample and Pattern
Supervisor, Framing Mill
Supervisor, Fruit Grading
Supervisor, Fur Dressing
Supervisor, Furnace Process
Supervisor, Furniture Assembly
Supervisor, Furrier Shop
Supervisor, Garment
Supervisor, Garment Manufacturing
Supervisor, Gelatin Plant
Supervisor, Glazing Department
Supervisor, Glue Specialty
Supervisor, Glycerin
Supervisor, Grain and Yeast Plants
Supervisor, Grease Refining
Supervisor, Green End Department
Supervisor, Grinding
Supervisor, Grinding and Spraying
Supervisor, Hairspring Fabrication
Supervisor, Hand Silvering
Supervisor, Hardboard
Supervisor, Hearing-Aid Assembly
Supervisor, Hide House
Supervisor, Hot Dip Plating
Supervisor, Hot Dip Tinning
Supervisor, Hot Strip Mill
Supervisor, Hot Wound Spring Production
Supervisor, House Furnishings
Supervisor, Hydrochloric Area
Supervisor, Ice House
Supervisor, Incinerator Plant
Supervisor, Industrial Chemicals
Supervisor, Insecticide
Supervisor, Inspecting
Supervisor, Inspection and Testing
Supervisor, Instant Potato Processing
Supervisor, Instrument Assembly
Supervisor, Instrument Maintenance
Supervisor, Insulation
Supervisor, Jewelry Department
Supervisor, Keymodule Assembly
Supervisor, Knitting
Supervisor, Lace Tearing
Supervisor, Lamp Shades
Supervisor, Last Model Department
Supervisor, Laundry
Supervisor, Lead Refinery
Supervisor, Leather Products
Supervisor, Lime
Supervisor, Line
Supervisor, Liquefaction
Supervisor, Liquefaction and Regasification
Supervisor, Liquid Yeast
Supervisor, Litharge
Supervisor, Livestock Yard
Supervisor, Loading and Unloading
Supervisor, Loading Rack
Supervisor, Lubrication
Supervisor, Lump Room
Supervisor, Machine Setter
Supervisor, Machine Shop
Supervisor, Machining
Supervisor, Mainspring Fabrication
Supervisor, Major Appliance Assembly
Supervisor, Malt House
Supervisor, Malted Milk
Supervisor, Manufactured Buildings
Supervisor, Maple Products
Supervisor, Matrix
Supervisor, Mattress and Boxsprings
Supervisor, Melt House
Supervisor, Merchant Mill Rolling and Finishing
Supervisor, Metal Cans
Supervisor, Metal Fabricating
Supervisor, Metal Fabrication
Supervisor, Metal Furniture Assembly
Supervisor, Metal Hanging
Supervisor, Metalizing
Supervisor, Microfilm Duplicating Unit
Supervisor, Mill House
Supervisor, Mirror Department
Supervisor, Mirror Fabrication
Supervisor, Mirror Manufacturing Department
Supervisor, Model and Pattern
Supervisor, Model Making
Supervisor, Mold Cleaning and Storage
Supervisor, Mold Making
Supervisor, Mold Making Plastics Sheets
Supervisor, Mold Shop
Supervisor, Mold Yard
Supervisor, Mold Yarn
Supervisor, Motion Picture Equipment
Supervisor, Motor Vehicle Assembly
Supervisor, Musical Instrument
Supervisor, Natural Gas Field Processing
Supervisor, Natural Gas Plant
Supervisor, Net Making
Supervisor, Nut Processing
Supervisor, Nutritional Yeast
Supervisor, Offset Plate Preparation
Supervisor, Open Hearth Stockyard
Supervisor, Operations
Supervisor, Optical Instrument Assembly
Supervisor, Optical Instruments
Supervisor, Ordnance Truck Installation
Supervisor, Ovens
Supervisor, Packing
Supervisor, Packing and Wrapping
Supervisor, Packing Room
Supervisor, Paint
Supervisor, Paint Department
Supervisor, Paint Roller Covers
Supervisor, Painting Department
Supervisor, Paper Coating
Supervisor, Paper Machine
Supervisor, Paper Products
Supervisor, Paper Testing
Supervisor, Parachute
Supervisor, Parachute Manufacturing
Supervisor, Particle Board
Supervisor, Paste Mixing
Supervisor, Paste Plant
Supervisor, Pattern Marking
Supervisor, Phosphatic Fertilizer
Supervisor, Phosphoric Acid
Supervisor, Phosphorus Processing
Supervisor, Photoengraving
Supervisor, Photographic
Supervisor, Picking
Supervisor, Pig Machine
Supervisor, Pigment Making
Supervisor, Pipe
Supervisor, Pipe and Boiler Covers
Supervisor, Pipe Finishing
Supervisor, Pipe Joints
Supervisor, Pipe Line Maintenance
Supervisor, Pipe Manufacture
Supervisor, Pit
Supervisor, Pit and Auxiliaries
Supervisor, Plastic Sheets
Supervisor, Plastics
Supervisor, Plastics Fabrication
Supervisor, Plate Heating, Rolling, and Finishing
Supervisor, Platform Mill
Supervisor, Plating and Point Assembly
Supervisor, Pleating
Supervisor, Pond
Supervisor, Poultry Processing
Supervisor, Powdered Metal
Supervisor, Powdered Sugar
Supervisor, Power Plant Operators
Supervisor, Power Reactor
Supervisor, Precast and Prestressed Concrete
Supervisor, Preparation Department
Supervisor, Preparation Plant
Supervisor, Prepress
Supervisor, Press Room
Supervisor, Pressing Department
Supervisor, Print Line
Supervisor, Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Supervisor, Printed Circuit Board Testing
Supervisor, Printing and Stamping
Supervisor, Printing Shop
Supervisor, Processing
Supervisor, Processing Talc and Borate
Supervisor, Product Inspection
Supervisor, Production
Supervisor, Production Department
Supervisor, Production Machine Shop
Supervisor, Prop Making
Supervisor, Properties
Supervisor, Publications Production
Supervisor, Pulp House
Supervisor, Pulp Plant
Supervisor, Pumping Station
Supervisor, Punch and Assembly Department
Supervisor, Purification
Supervisor, Putty and Caulking
Supervisor, Puttying and Calking
Supervisor, Quilting
Supervisor, Rag Room
Supervisor, Ready-Mixed Food Preparations
Supervisor, Receiving and Processing
Supervisor, Record Press
Supervisor, Refining
Supervisor, Refractory Products
Supervisor, Repulping
Supervisor, Reverberatory Furnace
Supervisor, Rice Milling
Supervisor, Ride Assembly
Supervisor, Rocket Propellant Plant
Supervisor, Roll Shop
Supervisor, Roller Printing
Supervisor, Roller Shop
Supervisor, Roofing Plant
Supervisor, Roving Department
Supervisor, Rubber Goods
Supervisor, Rubber Stamps and Dies
Supervisor, Rubber Tire and Tubes
Supervisor, Rug Cleaning
Supervisor, Sample
Supervisor, Sample Preparation
Supervisor, Sandblaster
Supervisor, Sandblasting
Supervisor, Sanding
Supervisor, Sanitation
Supervisor, Sawing and Assembly
Supervisor, Sawmill
Supervisor, Scouring Pads
Supervisor, Scrap Preparation
Supervisor, Screen Making
Supervisor, Screen Printing
Supervisor, Service
Supervisor, Sewer System
Supervisor, Sewing Department
Supervisor, Sewing Room
Supervisor, Shearing
Supervisor, Sheet Manufacturing
Supervisor, Sheet Metal Worker
Supervisor, Shift
Supervisor, Shipfitters
Supervisor, Shipping
Supervisor, Shipping Track
Supervisor, Shuttle Fitting
Supervisor, Shuttle Preparation
Supervisor, Shuttle Veneering
Supervisor, Sign Shop
Supervisor, Silk Screen Cutting and Printing
Supervisor, Silvering Department
Supervisor, Silverware
Supervisor, Sintering Plant
Supervisor, Ski Production
Supervisor, Slate Splitting
Supervisor, Slitting and Shipping
Supervisor, Small Appliance Assembly
Supervisor, Snow Removing
Supervisor, Soakers
Supervisor, Soaking Pits
Supervisor, Soft Sugar
Supervisor, Solder Making
Supervisor, Solid Waste Facility
Supervisor, Special Assemblies
Supervisor, Specialty Department
Supervisor, Specialty Food Products
Supervisor, Specialty Manufacturing
Supervisor, Specialty Plant
Supervisor, Spinning
Supervisor, Spinning and Winding
Supervisor, Split and Drum Room
Supervisor, Split Leather Department
Supervisor, Sports Equipment
Supervisor, Spring Production
Supervisor, Spring Up
Supervisor, Stave Cutting
Supervisor, Steel Division
Supervisor, Steel Post Installer
Supervisor, Steffen House
Supervisor, Stitching Department
Supervisor, Stock
Supervisor, Stonework
Supervisor, Structural Rolling and Finishing
Supervisor, Sugar House
Supervisor, Sugar Refinery
Supervisor, Sulfuric Acid Plant
Supervisor, Surgical Garment Assembly
Supervisor, Switchboard Operator
Supervisor, Syrup Shed
Supervisor, Tan Room
Supervisor, Tank Cleaning
Supervisor, Tank House
Supervisor, Tank Storage
Supervisor, Tar Distillation
Supervisor, Tea and Spice
Supervisor, Textile
Supervisor, Thermostatic Controls
Supervisor, Threshing Department
Supervisor, Tile and Mottle
Supervisor, Tipple
Supervisor, Toilet and Laundry Soap
Supervisor, Tool Machine Shop
Supervisor, Tower
Supervisor, Toy Assembly
Supervisor, Toy Parts Former
Supervisor, Treating and Pumping
Supervisor, Tubing
Supervisor, Tufting
Supervisor, Tumblers
Supervisor, Tumbling and Rolling
Supervisor, Turn
Supervisor, Type Disk Quality Control
Supervisor, Type Photography
Supervisor, Typesetting
Supervisor, Umbrella
Supervisor, Upholstery Department
Supervisor, Uranium Processing
Supervisor, Vacuum Metalizing
Supervisor, Varnish
Supervisor, Vat House
Supervisor, Veneer
Supervisor, Wall Mirror Department
Supervisor, Wash House
Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment
Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Plant
Supervisor, Water Treatment Plant
Supervisor, Webbing
Supervisor, Wet End
Supervisor, Wet Pour
Supervisor, Wet Room
Supervisor, Whipped Topping
Supervisor, White Sugar
Supervisor, Winding and Twisting Department
Supervisor, Wire Rope Fabrication
Supervisor, Wood Room
Supervisor, Yarn Preparation
Supervisor, Yeast
Supervisory Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Tapper Supervisor
Team Leader
Testing and Analysis Department Supervisor
Tipple Boss
Tnt Line Supervisor
Tool and Die Supervisor
Tool Room Supervisor
Tooling Supervisor
Tour Production Supervisor
Tracer Bullet Section Supervisor
Traffic Maintenance Supervisor
Transfer and Pumphouse Operator, Chief
Transformer Assembly Supervisor
Transformer Shop Supervisor
Treating Plant Supervisor
Turbine Operator, Head
Warehouse Supervisor
Washing and Screening Plant Supervisor
Watch Manufacturing Supervisor
Water and Sewer Systems Supervisor
Weave Room Supervisor
Weaving Supervisor
Welding Supervisor
Well Puller, Head
Well-Point Pumping Supervisor
Wood Crew Supervisor
Wood Grinder, Head
Woods Boss
Wrecking Supervisor
Yard Supervisor

Related Occupations

Sources: Career Guide to Industries (CGI), Occupational Information Network (O*Net), Occupation Outlook Handbook (OOH)
  • Mathematics — Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
  • Engineering and Technology — Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services.
  • Sales and Marketing — Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. This includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems.
  • Medicine and Dentistry — Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities. This includes symptoms, treatment alternatives, drug properties and interactions, and preventive health-care measures.
  • Physics — Knowledge and prediction of physical principles, laws, their interrelationships, and applications to understanding fluid, material, and atmospheric dynamics, and mechanical, electrical, atomic and sub- atomic structures and processes.
  • Equipment Maintenance — Performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed.
  • Coordination — Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.
  • Active Learning — Understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Writing — Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.
  • Troubleshooting — Determining causes of operating errors and deciding what to do about it.
  • Near Vision — The ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).
  • Stamina — The ability to exert yourself physically over long periods of time without getting winded or out of breath.
  • Explosive Strength — The ability to use short bursts of muscle force to propel oneself (as in jumping or sprinting), or to throw an object.
  • Oral Comprehension — The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
  • Hearing Sensitivity — The ability to detect or tell the differences between sounds that vary in pitch and loudness.
  • Core — Maintain operations data, such as time, production, and cost records, and prepare management reports of production results.
  • Core — Interpret specifications, blueprints, job orders, and company policies and procedures for workers.
  • Core — Recommend or implement measures to motivate employees and to improve production methods, equipment performance, product quality, or efficiency.
  • Core — Enforce safety and sanitation regulations.
  • Core — Determine standards, budgets, production goals, and rates, based on company policies, equipment and labor availability, and workloads.
  • Monitoring and Controlling Resources — Monitoring and controlling resources and overseeing the spending of money.
  • Guiding, Directing, and Motivating Subordinates — Providing guidance and direction to subordinates, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance.
  • Assisting and Caring for Others — Providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others such as coworkers, customers, or patients.
  • Repairing and Maintaining Electronic Equipment — Servicing, repairing, calibrating, regulating, fine-tuning, or testing machines, devices, and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of electrical or electronic (not mechanical) principles.
  • Getting Information — Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.
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