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Occupation Profile for Production Workers

All production workers not listed separately.


Sample Job Titles
Abalone Processor
Abrasive Band Winder
Acetone Button Paster
Acid Adjuster
Acid Conditioning Worker
Acid Filler
Acid Painter
Acid Splicer
Adhesive Bandage Machine Operator
Adhesive Bandage Making Operator
Adhesive Primer
Adjuster, Alarm Mechanism
Agate Setter
Ager Operator
Aging Room Hand
Air Bag Stripper
Air Hole Driller
Air Reduction Equipment Operator
Air Tool Operator
Air Tube Releaser
Air-Hole Driller
Airplane Coverer
Airplane Gastank-Liner Assembler
Aligner, Barrel and Receiver
Almond Paste Molder
Alum Plant Operator
Ankle Patch Molder
Anode Builder
Antenna Machine Operator
Antichecking Iron Worker
Antisqueak Filler
Appliance Assembler, Line
Apron Man
Apron Operator
Apron Worker
Armored Machine Operator
Armoring Machine Operator
Artificial Flower Maker
Artificial Pearl Maker
Asbestos Wire Finisher
Asphalt Still Operator
Asphalt Worker
Assembler and Gluer, Laminated Plastics
Assembler for Puller-Over, Hand
Assembler for Puller-Over, Machine
Assembler Musical Equipment
Assembler, Bicycle
Assembler, Billiard Table
Assembler, Camper
Assembler, Clip-On Sunglasses
Assembler, Component
Assembler, Corncob Pipes
Assembler, Deck and Hull
Assembler, Faucets
Assembler, Filters
Assembler, Finger Buffs
Assembler, Fishing Floats
Assembler, Garment Form
Assembler, Gold Frame
Assembler, Insulation and Flooring
Assembler, Leather Goods
Assembler, Liquid Center
Assembler, Marking Devices
Assembler, Mechanical Pencils and Ballpoint Pens
Assembler, Metal Bonding
Assembler, Metal Furniture
Assembler, Molded Frames
Assembler, Motor Vehicle
Assembler, Movement
Assembler, Musical Instruments
Assembler, Piano
Assembler, Ping Pong Table
Assembler, Plastic Hospital Products
Assembler, Printed Products
Assembler, Product
Assembler, Production
Assembler, Production Line
Assembler, Sandal Parts
Assembler, Skylights
Assembler, Small Products
Assembler, Subassembly
Assembler, Surgical Garment
Assembler, Wire Mesh Gate
Assembly Loader
Assembly Machine Set-Up Mechanic
Assembly Operator
Assembly Press Operator
Atomizer Assembler
Auto Former Machine Operator
Autoclave Operator
Automatic Machine Attendant
Automatic Pattern Edger
Automobile Accessories Installer
Automobile Seat Cover and Convertible Top Installer
Automobile Seat Cover Installer
Auxiliary Equipment Tender
Awning Frame Maker
Back Joiner
Back Padder
Back Tacker
Back Tender
Back Tender, Paper Machine
Back Tufter
Back Washer
Back-Strip Machine Operator
Bacon Stringer
Bad Work Gatherer
Bag Liner
Bag Machine Operator
Bag Repairer
Bag Shop Worker
Bagging Salvager
Bake Room Worker
Bakelite Molder
Bakery Worker, Conveyor Line
Balance Assembler
Balance Bridge Assembler
Balancing Machine Set-Up Worker
Balcony Worker
Ball Assembler
Ball Fringe Machine Operator
Ball Sorter
Ball Truing Machine Operator
Balloon Maker
Ballpoint Pen Assembly Machine Operator
Band Aid Machine Operator
Band Attacher
Band Machine Operator
Band Splicer
Band Tier
Band Tumbler
Band-Top Maker
Bander Operator
Bar and Filler Assembler
Bark Skinner
Barrel Assembler
Barrel Bander
Barrel Brander
Barrel Cap Setter
Barrel Charrer
Barrel Drainer
Barrel Header
Barrel Marker
Barrel Raiser
Barrel Straightener
Base Filler
Base Loader
Base Ply, Hand
Basket Assembler
Basket Braider, Hand
Basket Filler
Basket Maker, Hand
Basket Patcher
Basket Weaver, Hand
Batter Scaler
Battery Charger
Battery Charger, Conveyor Line
Battery Stacker
Bead Forming Machine Operator
Bead Machine Operator
Bead Stringer
Bead Wire Insulator
Bead Wire Taper
Beam Carrier, Hauler, Pusher
Beam Sealer
Bean Snapper
Bean Snipper
Bean Viner
Bearing Machine Operator
Bearing Maker
Beater Out
Bed Laster
Bed Setter
Beef Lugger
Beef Pusher
Beet Flumer
Beet Topper
Beet Worker
Bell-Neck Hammerer
Bellows Assembler
Bellows Filler
Bellows Maker
Belly Builder
Belt Builder
Belt Builder Helper
Belt Maker
Belt Maker Helper
Belt Operator
Belt Tender
Belt Turner
Belt-Press Operator
Bench Assembler
Bench Carpenter
Bench Examiner
Bench Hand
Bench Mover
Bench Worker
Bench Worker, Binding
Bench Worker, Hollow Handle
Bend Up
Bender, Hand
Bender, Machine
Bending Shed Worker
Beveling and Edging Machine Operator
Bi Tri Operator
Billet Bed Operator
Billet Boy
Billet Straightener
Billet Worker
Bin Worker
Binder Stripper, Hand
Bindery Worker
Binding Folder, Machine
Birdcage Assembler
Biscuitware Brusher
Bisque Brusher
Bisque Cleaner
Bisque Grader
Bit Bender
Bite-Block Maker
Black Puller
Blanking Machine Operator
Blanking Press Operator
Blast Furnace Keeper
Blasting Cap Assembler
Blasting Machine Operator
Bleach Packer
Blemish Remover
Blender Conveyor Operator
Blender Laborer
Blintze Roller
Block Machine Operator
Block Placer
Block Sealer
Blocker, Hand
Blocking Machine Tender
Blow Off Worker
Blower Operator
Board Boy
Board Filler
Board Machine Set Up Operator
Board Runner
Board Setter
Board Turner
Board Worker
Boarding Machine Operator
Boat Outfitter
Boat Patcher, Plastic
Boat Rigger
Bobbin Carrier
Bobbin Collector
Bobbin Disker
Bobbin Stripper
Bobbin Turner
Body Former
Body Hanger
Body Masker
Boiling House Hand
Bolt Loader
Bolt Machine Operator
Bomb Loader
Bonding Machine Tender
Bone Char Puller
Bone Picker
Bone Process Operator
Bone Puller
Bone Tender
Bone Worker
Book Jogger
Booster Assembler
Border Measurer and Cutter
Boring and Filling Machine Operator
Bottle Carrier
Bottle Feeder
Bottom Bleacher
Bottom Filler
Bottom Maker
Bottom Presser
Bottom Wheeler
Bottoming Machine Operator
Bow Maker
Bow Maker, Custom
Bow Maker, Production
Bow-Maker Machine Tender, Automatic
Bowling Ball Mold Assembler
Bowstring Maker
Box Bender
Box Coverer, Hand
Box Lidder
Box Maker
Box Maker, Paperboard
Box Maker, Wood
Box Nailer
Box Spring Maker
Box Turner
Braider Operator
Braider Setter
Braider Tender
Braiding Machine Operator
Braiding Machine Tender
Brake Lining Finisher
Brake Lining Finisher, Asbestos
Branding Machine Operator
Branding Machine Tender
Brassiere Slide Making Machine Tender, Automatic
Bread Dumper
Bread Panner
Bread Racker
Bread Stacker
Break and Load Operator
Break Up Worker
Breakdown Worker
Breaker Layer
Breaker Machine Tender
Breaker Up Machine Operator
Breaking Machine Operator
Brick Kiln Worker
Brick Machine Operator
Brick Maker
Brick Pitcher
Brick Stacker
Brick Tosser
Brick Yard Hand
Brim Curler
Brim Ironer, Hand
Brim Raiser
Brim-Pouncing Machine Operator
Brim-Stretching Machine Operator
Brine Maker Ii
Brine Plant Operator
Brine Tank Operator
Brine Tank Tender
Brine Well Operator
Briquette Machine Operator
Bristle Machine Operator
Broke Beater
Broke Beater Machine Operator
Broke Beater Operator
Broke Handler
Broke Man
Broke Worker
Broom Stitcher
Brush Filler, Hand
Brush Loader and Handle Attacher
Brush Maker, Machine
Brush Material Preparer
Brush Operator
Brush Washer
Brusher Tender
Brusher, Machine
Brushing Machine Operator
Bucket Hooker
Bucket Pusher
Buckle Attacher
Buckle Wire Inserter
Buffing Turner and Counter
Buffing Wheel Former, Automatic
Buffing Wheel Former, Hand
Bug Trimmer
Buggy Loader
Bulb Brander
Bulk Sugar Handler
Bulker, Cut Tobacco
Bull Gang Worker
Bull Wheel Worker
Bullet Lubricant Mixer
Bun Machine Operator
Bunch Breaker
Bunch Maker, Hand
Bunch Trimmer Mold
Bundle Breaker
Bung Driver
Bunker Worker
Burlap Spreader
Burn-Out Tender, Lace
Burner Operator
Burnishing Machine Operator
Bushel Girl
Bushel Worker
Butter Printer
Button and Buckle Maker
Button Attaching Machine Operator
Button Bradder
Button Clamper
Button Facing Machine Operator
Button Machine Operator
Button Maker and Installer
Button Splitter, Hand
Byproducts Extractor
Byproducts Operator
Cabinet Assembler
Cable Armorer Operator
Cable Braider
Cable Coverer
Cable Former
Cable Lacer
Cable Puller
Cable Reeler
Cable Respooler
Cage Maker
Cake Stripper
Cake Wrapper
Calender Let-Off Operator
Calender Machine Operator
Calender Operator
Calender Operator, Artificial Leather
Calender Runner
Calender Tender
Calendering Machine Operator
Cambering Machine Operator
Camouflage Assembler
Can Conveyor Feeder
Can Crimper
Can Handler
Can Marker
Can Piler
Can Sterilizer
Can Striper
Candle Cutter
Candle Maker
Candle Wicker
Candy Cutter, Hand
Candy Molder, Hand
Candy Spreader
Caner I
Cannon-Pinion Adjuster
Canopy Stringer
Canvas Worker
Canvas Worker Apprentice
Cap Maker
Cap-Jewel Plate Assembler
Capacitor Pack-Press Operator
Capping Machine Operator
Car Blocker
Car Hop
Car Pincher
Car Pusher
Car Trimmer
Carbon and Graphite Brush Machine Operator
Carbon Cleaner
Carbon Paper Interleafer
Carbon Paper Machine Operator
Carbon Printer
Carcass Washer
Card Lacer, Jacquard
Card Maker
Card Mounter
Card Placer
Card Stripper
Card Tender
Cardboard Inserter
Carroting Machine Operator
Carton Forming Machine Operator
Carton Forming Machine Tender
Carton Liner
Cartridge Loader
Cascade Operator
Case Finisher
Case Fitter
Case Operator
Casing Blower
Casing Flusher
Casing Machine Operator
Casing Tier
Casket Assembler, Metal
Casket Coverer
Casket Liner
Caster Helper
Casting and Curing Operator
Casting Plug Assembler
Catalytic Converter Operator
Cattle Sorter
Cd Reactor Operator, Head
Cell Coverer
Cell Plasterer
Cell Preparer
Cell Room Operator
Cell Tender
Cell Tender Helper
Cell Tuber, Machine
Cellar Worker
Cellophane Press Operator
Celluloid Trimmer
Cement Worker
Cementer, Hand
Centrifugal Spinner
Ceramic Capacitor Processor
Ceramic Worker
Chain Maker, Machine
Chain Person
Chain Puller
Chair Installer
Chair Upholsterer
Chalk Cutter
Channel Opener, Outsoles
Channeler, Insole
Char Dust Cleaner and Salvager
Charge Hand
Charger Ii
Charging Board Operator
Charging Machine Operator
Charhouse Worker
Chemical Compounder
Chemical Maker
Chemical Worker
Cherry Cutter
Chicken Catcher
Chicken Cleaner
Chicken Hanger
Chicken Picker
Chinchilla Machine Operator
Chlorinator Operator
Chocolate Maker
Chocolate Production Machine Operator
Chore Boy
Chore Man
Chore Worker
Chute Tender
Cigar Binder
Cigar Head Piercer
Cigar Maker
Cigar Patcher
Cigarette Filter Making Machine Operator
Cigarette Making Machine Operator
Cigarette Tipper
Cinder Man
Cinder Pit Worker
Cinder Pitman
Cinder Snapper
Cinder Worker
Circulation Tender
Clam Picker
Clam Shucker
Clam Sorter
Clamp Jig Assembler
Clay Machine Operator
Clay Modeler
Clay Stain Mixer
Clay Worker
Cleaner Touch-Up Worker
Cleaning and Washing Equipment Operator
Clearing Hand
Clearing Tub Worker
Clinching Machine Operator
Clip and Hanger Attacher
Clip Bolter and Wrapper
Clip Loading Machine Adjuster
Clipper and Turner
Clipper, Brush and Broom
Clock Assembler
Cloth Finishing Range Operator
Cloth Folder, Hand
Cloth Framer
Cloth Measurer, Machine
Cloth Mercerizer Operator
Cloth Sander
Cloth Shrinker
Cloth Tearer
Clothing Pattern Preparer
Coagulating Bath Mixer
Coal Unloader
Coater Helper
Cocoa Bean Roaster
Code Machine Operator
Code Number Stamper
Coder Operator
Coding Machine Operator
Coil Binder
Coil Tier
Coil Wrapper
Coin Machine Assembler
Cold Press Operator
Cold-Press Loader
Collar Turner Operator
Color Boy
Color Card Maker
Color Developer
Color Matcher
Color Strainer
Color Worker
Colorer, Citrus Fruit
Colorer, Hides and Skins
Comber Tender
Combiner Operator
Commutator Operator
Compact Assembler
Composition Roll Maker and Cutter
Compound Worker
Concentrator Operator
Concrete Sculptor
Condenser Operator
Condenser Setter
Conditioner Tender
Conduit Reamer Operator
Cone Treater
Cone Worker
Console Assembler
Contact Lens Flashing Puncher
Contact Printer, Photoresist
Contour Grinder
Control Room Operator
Controls Operator, Molded Goods
Conversion Man
Conversion Worker
Converter Operator
Conveyor Loader
Conveyor Man
Conveyor Worker
Cooky Machine Operator
Cord Maker
Corduroy Brusher Operator
Core Composer Feeder
Core Dipper
Core Finisher
Core Winder Machine Operator
Core Winding Operator
Coremaking Machine Operator
Cork Tipper
Cork Wirer
Cornice Maker
Correction Worker
Corrugator Operator
Cottage Cheese Maker
Cotton Ball Machine Tender
Cottrell Operator
Counter Former
Counter Molder
Counter Roller
Counting Machine Operator
Covered Buckle Assembler
Covering Machine Operator
Covering Machine Tender
Crab Picker
Cracker Off
Cracking Machine Operator
Cracking Unit Operator
Crackling Press Operator
Crankshaft Balancer
Cream Dumper
Creamery Worker
Creping Machine Operator
Crew Leader
Crimp Setter
Crimping Machine Operator
Crochet Beader
Crocheter, Hand
Cross Roller
Crossband Layer
Crown Attacher
Crown Pouncer, Hand
Crown Wheel Assembler
Crowning Hammer Operator
Crumb Packer
Crusher and Binder Operator
Cryolite Recovery Operator
Crystal Attacher
Cuff Folder
Cupboard Builder
Cupola Tapper
Cuprous Chloride Operator
Curtain Roller Assembler
Curtain Stretcher Assembler
Cushion Builder
Cushion Maker
Custom Ski Maker
Cut-and-Cover Line Worker
Cut-and-Print Machine Operator
Cut-Out and Marking Machine Operator
Cut-Out Machine Operator
Cutting and Printing Machine Operator
Cylinder Batcher
Cylinder Handler
Cylinder Machine Operator
Cylinder Press Operator
Cylinder Worker
Dam Worker
Damper Maker
Damper Worker
Dater Assembler
De-Icer Element Winder
De-Icer Finisher
Decating Machine Operator
Decay Control Operator
Defect Repairer, Glassware
Dehairing Machine Tender
Deicer Kit Assembler
Deicer-Element Winder, Hand
Deicer-Element Winder, Machine
Density Control Puncher
Dental Floss Packer
Depositing Machine Operator
Desizing Machine Operator, Head-End
Desk Pen Set Assembler
Detonator Assembler
Developer Prover, Interior Assemblies
Dial Brusher
Dial Maker
Dial-Screw Assembler
Diamond Mounter
Diamond Powder Technician
Diaper Machine Tender
Die Mounter
Die Operator
Die Sizer
Dielectric Press Operator
Diffuser Operator
Digester Capper
Digester Cook
Digester Operator
Digestion Operator
Dip-Lube Operator
Dipper and Baker
Dipper, Clock and Watch Hands
Dipper, Jewelry
Dipper, Pens and Pencils
Dish Maker
Disk and Tape Machine Tender
Disk Operator
Dispenser Operator
Display Fabricator
Display Maker
Dissolver Operator
Diver Pumper
Diver's Tender
Do All Operator
Doll Wig Hackler
Door Assembler
Door Boy
Door Core Assembler
Door Opener
Door Operator
Door Puller
Door Trimmer
Door Worker
Dope Dry-House Operator
Dope Sprayer
Double Back Operator
Double Backer
Double Surface Operator
Doubler Operator
Doughnut Machine Operator
Doughnut Maker
Drag Down
Drag Out Man
Drag Out Worker
Dragger Out
Drapery Rod Assembler
Draw Machine Operator
Drawer Liner
Drawer Upfitter
Drawer-in, Hand
Drawer-in, Stitch-Bonding Machine
Drawstring Knotter
Dressing Machine Operator
Drier and Grinder Tender
Drier and Pulverizer Tender
Drill Operator
Drill Operator, Automatic
Drill Press Operator, Acoustical Tile
Drill Punch Operator
Driller, Brake Lining
Driller, Hand
Driller, Machine
Drilling Machine Operator
Drip Box Tender
Drop Man
Drop Wire Hanger
Drop Worker
Drop-Press Hand
Drop-Wire Aligner
Drop-Wire Builder
Drum Attendant
Drum Builder
Drum Drier Operator
Drum Handler
Drum Maker
Drum Worker
Dry Box Operator
Dry Cell Assembly Machine Tender
Dry Cell Sealer
Dry Cleaner, Hand
Dry Cure Worker
Dry Curer
Dry Dip Worker
Dry End Operator
Dry House Attendant
Dry House Operator
Dry House Worker
Dry Ice Machine Operator
Dry Ice Maker
Dry Yard Worker
Dry-House Tender
Dry-Pan Charger
Drying Room Attendant
Drying Room Attendant, Hat and Cap
Dubbing Machine Operator
Dump Worker
Dust Box Tender
Dust Box Worker
Dust Brush Assembler
Dust Collector Operator
Dust Mop Maker
Dust Operator
Dust Puller
Duster Tender
Dusting and Brushing Machine Operator
Dye Weigher
Dyer, Artificial Flowers
Dynamite Cartridge Crimper
Dynamite Packing Machine Operator
Dynamite Reclaimer
Ear Machine Operator
Ear Mold Laboratory Technician
Ear Muff Assembler
Earring Maker
Edge Bander, Hand
Edge Burnisher, Uppers
Edge Roller
Edge Setter
Edge Stainer
Edge Stripper
Edge Worker
Edger Liner
Edger Machine Operator
Edger Tailer
Edging Machine Setter
Effervescent Salts Compounder
Egg Breaker
Egg Processor
Elastic Tape Inserter
Electric Blanket Wirer
Electric Power Line Examiner
Electric Power Machine Operator
Electric Transfer Operator
Electric Tripper Machine Operator
Electrical Appliance Preparer
Electrical Line Splicer
Electrical Worker
Electrifier Operator
Electrolysis Operator
Electronics Utility Worker
Electronics Worker
Emblem Maker
Embosser Operator
Embossing Machine Operator
Embossing Machine Operator Helper
Embossing Machine Tender
Embossing Press Operator, Molded Goods
Embroiderer, Hand
Enamel Pulverizer
Endband Cutter, Hand
Engineer, Compress
Engraver Tender
Envelope Machine Operator
Equipment Operator
Exhaust Equipment Operator
Exhibit Builder
Expansion Envelope Maker, Hand
Expansion Joint Builder
Expeller Operator
Expeller Worker
Explosive Operator
Extracting Machine Operator
Extractor Filler
Extractor Operator
Extruder Operator
Extrusion Bender
Eye Dropper Assembler
Eyeglass Frame Truer
Eyelet Machine Operator
Eyelet Punch Operator
Fabric Lay Out Worker
Fabric Normalizer
Fabric Stretcher
Fabricator, Artificial Breast
Fabricator, Foam Rubber
Facer, Jewelry
Factory Laborer
Factory Worker
Fagot Maker
Fan Blade Aligner
Fastener, Machine
Feather Duster Winder
Feather Maker
Feather Shaper
Feather Washer
Felt Strip Finisher
Felting Machine Operator
Feltmaker and Weigher
Fermentation Operator
Fiber Worker
Fiberglass Bonding Machine Tender
Fiberglass Container Winding Operator
Fiberglass Laminator
Fifth Hand
Figurine Maker
Filer and Sander
Filler Mixer
Filler Room Attendant
Filler Spreader
Filling Machine Set-Up Mechanic
Film Spooler
Filter Changer
Filter Worker
Final Assembler
Finisher, Brush
Finishing Machine Operator
Finishing Machine Tender
Fire Hose Curer
Fireworks Assembler
Fireworks Maker
Fish Bin Tender
Fish Chopper, Gang Knife
Fish Drier
Fish Net Stringer
Fish Rod Maker
Fish Stringer Assembler
Fish-Cake Maker
Fishing Lure Assembler
Fishing Reel Assembler
Fishing Rod Assembler
Fishing Rod Marker
Fitter Placer
Fitter, Ventilated Rib
Fixing Machine Operator
Flange Turner
Flap Curer
Flap Presser
Flare Breaker
Flare Maker
Flaring Machine Operator
Flask Carrier
Flask Handler
Flask Pusher
Flat Screen Worker
Flavor Room Worker
Flexboard Operator
Flexographic Press Operator
Flipping Machine Operator
Floor Attendant
Floor Winder
Flour Worker
Flower Machine Operator
Flux Mixer
Flux-Tube Attendant
Fly Tier
Flying Squad Worker
Foam Charger
Foil Spinner
Foil Spooler
Folder, Hand
Folder, Machine
Folding Machine Feeder
Folding Machine Operator
Folding Machine Tender
Food Mixer
Foot Gatherer
Foot Setter
Foot Straightener
Forepart Laster
Form Coverer
Form Maker
Form Maker, Plaster
Forming Process Line Worker
Formula Room Worker
Formula Weigher
Foundation Maker
Foundry Hand
Foundry Laborer, Coreroom
Four Corner Stayer Machine Operator
Fourdrinier Machine Tender
Fourdrinier Operator
Fourdrinier Tender
Fourdrinier Wire Weaver
Fourth Hand
Fractionating Still Operator
Frame Coverer
Frame Hand
Frame Stripper
Frame Trimmer
Friction Paint Machine Tender
Fringe Knotter
Fringe Maker
Front Sight Attacher
Frozen Pie Maker
Fruit Bar Maker
Fruit Cutter
Fruit Dumper
Fruit Pitter
Fruit Room Hand
Fruit Trimmer
Fruit Worker
Fuel Cell Binder
Fuel Cell Builder
Fuel House Attendant
Fulling Machine Operator
Fumigator and Sterilizer
Funnel Setter
Fur Blender
Fur Blower Operator
Fur Cleaner, Hand
Fur Floor Worker
Fur Glazer
Fur Nailer
Furnace Charger
Furnace Worker
Furniture Assembler
Furniture Assembler and Installer
Furniture Cleaner
Furniture Lumber Production Worker
Fuse Assembler
Fuse Coiler
Fuse Maker
Fuse Spooler
Fusing Machine Tender
Gang Pusher
Garland Machine Operator
Garland Maker
Garment Folder
Garment Sorter
Garment Steamer
Garment Turner
Garnett Machine Operator
Gas Charger
Gas Check Pad Maker
Gas Mask Assembler
Gathering Boy
Gathering Worker
Gauge and Weigh Machine Adjuster
Gauge Machine Operator
Gelatin Maker, Utility
Gig Tender
Glass Breaker
Glass Bulb Machine Adjuster
Glass Driller
Glass Installer
Glass Lathe Operator
Glass Unloading Equipment Tender
Glass Worker, Pressed or Blown
Glazier, Metal Furniture
Globe Mounter
Glory Hole Tender
Glove Boarder
Glue Maker
Glue Maker, Bone
Glue Mill Operator
Gluer and Slicer, Hand
Gluer and Wedger
Gluer, Wet Suit
Gold Burnisher
Gold Layer
Gold Leaf Layer
Gold Reclaimer
Gold Stamper
Golf Ball Cover Treater
Golf Ball Marker
Golf Ball Trimmer
Golf Ball Winder
Golf Club Assembler
Golf Club Weighter
Golf Shoe Spike Assembler
Goods Layer
Grab Operator
Grain Spouter
Granulator Tender
Graphite Pan Drier Tender
Gravel Machine Operator
Grease and Tallow Pumper
Grease Renderer
Greaser Operator
Green End Man
Green End Worker
Green Ware Caster
Grey Roll Man
Grey Roll Worker
Gridcap Machine Operator
Grip Assembler
Grip Wrapper
Grout Machine Tender
Guide Base Winder, Machine
Guide Winder
Gum Puller
Gum Remover
Gun Stocker
Gusset Maker
Gut Carrier
Hair Preparer
Hair Worker
Ham Marker
Ham Passer
Ham Stringer
Hammer Adjuster
Hammer Fitter
Hand Cementer
Hand Finisher, Toys and Games
Hand Stamper
Handbag Framer
Handle and Vent Machine Operator
Handle Assembler
Handle Attacher
Handle Turner
Hands Assembler
Hardener, Hand
Hardening Machine Operator
Hardware Assembler
Harness Fitter
Harness Rigger
Harness Worker
Hassock Maker
Hat Blocking Machine Operator
Hat Braider
Hat Finisher
Hat Finishing Materials Preparer
Hat Forming Machine Operator
Head Screen Worker
Header Up
Heading Maker
Heading Matcher and Assembler
Heading Repairer
Heading Up Machine Operator
Heat Welder, Plastics
Heddle Cleaner, Machine
Heel Attacher, Wood
Heel Builder, Machine
Heel Compressor
Heel Pricker
Heel Scorer
Heel-Seat Fitter, Hand
Heel-Seat Laster, Machine
Helmet Coverer
Hide and Skin Colerer
Hide Curer
Hide Handler
Hide Mill Man
Hide Mill Worker
Hide Paster
Hide Salter
Hide Splitter
Hide Spreader
Hide Stretcher, Hand
Hide Washer
Hide Worker
High-Density Finishing Operator
Hog Counter
Hog Driver
Hog Pusher
Hog Scraper
Hogshead Cooper Ii
Hogshead Hooper
Hogshead Mat Assembler
Hogshead Opener
Hogshead Salvage
Hole Filler
Hollow Handle Knife Assembler
Hollow Ware Maker
Honeycomb Decapper
Hoof Trimmer
Hook Puller
Hook Up
Hooker Off
Hooker On
Hooker Up
Horseradish Maker
Hose Coupling Joiner
Hose Maker
Hose Stripper
Hose Wrapper
Hot Braider
Hot Patcher
Hot Pipe Gauger
Hot Pond Operator
Hot-Stone Setter
Hot-Wire Glass Tube Cutter
Hothouse Worker
Hull and Deck Remover
Humidifier Attendant
Humidifier Operator
Hydraulic Blocker
Hydraulic Chair Assembler
Hydrogenation Operator
Hypo Dipper
Igniter Capper
Impregnating Machine Operator
Inker, Machine
Inner Tube Inserter
Inserting Machine Operator
Insertion Machine Tender, Electronic Components
Inset Cutter
Insole Reinforcer
Inspector, Assembly
Installer, Door Furring
Installer, Metal Flooring
Installer, Movable Bulkhead
Installer, Soft Top
Instrument Assembler
Instrument Sterilizer
Insulating Machine Operator
Inverted-Block Operator
Iron Carrier
Iron Handler
Iron Piler
Iron-Plastic Bullet Maker
Jacket Changer
Jacquard Twine Polisher Operator
Jamb Cutter
Jet Wiper
Jewel Bearing Driller
Jewel Hole Driller
Jewel Inserter
Jewel Staker
Jewel Stringer
Jewel Waxer
Jig Builder
Jig Filler
Jig Fitter
Jigger Crown Pouncing Machine Operator
Job Hand
Job Press Feeder
Junction Maker
Kapok and Cotton Machine Operator
Kettle Loader
Kettle Operator
Key Ringer
Keyboard Action Assembler
Keying Machine Operator
Keymodule Assembly Machine Tender
Kick Press Operator
Kiln Drawer
Kiln Loader
Kiln Puller
Kiln Pusher
Kiln Setter
Kiln Worker
Kingsbury Machine Operator
Kiss Setter, Hand
Knitter, Hand
Knock-Out Hand
Knock-Up Assembler
Knocker Off
Knocker Out
Knockout Machine Operator
Knockout Man
Knockout Worker
Knot Borer
Knot Tier
Knotting Machine Operator
Kosher Sealer
Kraft Digester Operator
Kraft Mill Operator
Label Remover
Laborer, Ammunition Assembly
Laborer, Candlemaking
Laborer, Cheesemaking
Laborer, Concrete Plant
Laborer, Cook House
Laborer, General
Laborer, Petroleum Refinery
Laborer, Prestressed Concrete
Laborer, Solder Making
Laborer, Syrup Machine
Laborer, Tailings Dam
Laborer, Wood Preserving Plant
Lace Paper Machine Operator
Lace Roller Operator
Lacquer Maker
Lacquer Pin Press Operator
Ladle Watcher
Lag Screwer
Lagging Machine Operator
Laminating Machine Operator
Lamination Spinner
Laminator, Hand
Laminator, Preforms
Lamp Shade Assembler
Lard Renderer
Last Ironer
Last Marker
Last Pattern Grader
Laster, Hand
Lastex Operator
Lasting Machine Operator, Hand Method
Latex Caster
Latex Ribbon Machine Operator
Latex Spooler
Lath Tier
Laundry Bag Punch Operator
Layboy Operator
Layboy Tender
Layer Up
Layout Worker
Lead Operator, Automatic Vulcanizing
Lead Oxide Mill Tender
Lead Setter
Lead Sprinkler
Leader Tier
Leaf Tier
Leak Hunter
Lease Picker
Leasing Machine Tender
Leather Belt Maker
Leather Coater
Leather Currier
Leather Dresser
Leather Drier
Leather Etcher
Leather Finisher
Leather Flesher
Leather Grainer
Leather Scraper
Leather Scrubber
Leather Seasoner
Leather Shaver
Leather Skinner
Leather Splitter
Leather Sponger
Leather Sprayer
Leather Staker
Leather Stretcher
Leather Tacker
Leather Toggler
Leather Tooler
Leather Whitener
Leather Worker
Legend Maker
Lens Blocker
Lens Inserter
Lens Marker
Level Glass Forming Machine Operator
Level Vial Sealer
Level Vial Setter
Lime Kiln Worker
Line Service Person
Liner Inserter
Liner Reroll Tender
Lining Cementer
Lining Inserter
Lining Machine Operator
Linoleum Printer
Linseed Oil Press Tender
Linseed Oil Refiner
Lip Cutter and Scorer
Litharge Mill Operator
Lithopone Charger
Lithopone Mill Worker
Loading Machine Adjuster
Loading Unit Tool Setter
Lock Assembler
Lock Installer
Log Buncher
Log Chain Worker
Log Haul Operator
Log Washer
Loose End Finder, Bobbins
Luggage Liner
Lumber Bearer
Lumber Loader
Lumber Straightener
Lumite Injector
Lumpia Wrapper Maker
Lute Packer or Applier
Macaroni Press Operator
Machine Attendant
Machine Captain
Machine Castings Plasterer
Machine Coremaker
Machine Former
Machine Forming Operator, Metal or Plastic
Machine Hand
Machine Operator
Machine Operator, Ceramics
Machine Operator, General
Machine Presser
Machine Printer
Machine Setter
Machine Sneller
Magazine Worker
Magnet Maker
Magnet Placer
Magnetic Tape Winder
Mainspring Former, Arbor End
Mainspring Former, Brace End
Mainspring Winder and Oiler
Make Up Girl
Make Up Man
Make Up Worker
Make-Up Operator
Making Machine Operator
Making-Line Worker
Manganese Breaker
Mangle Tender
Mannequin Maker
Mannequin Mounter
Mannequin Sander and Finisher
Mannequin Wig Maker
Manual Plate Filler
Manual Winder
Manufacturing Assembler
Manufacturing Assistant
Manufacturing Associate
Manufacturing Technician
Map and Chart Mounter
Mark-Up Designer
Marker Machine Attendant
Marker, Hand
Marker, Machine
Marking Machine Operator
Marking Machine Tender
Marking Stitcher
Mash Filter Cloth Changer
Mat Linker
Mat Machine Operator
Mat Machine Tender
Mat Puncher
Mat Sewer
Mat-Making Machine Tender
Match Maker
Match Up Person
Matchbook Assembler
Material Assembler
Material Chaser
Material Preparation Worker
Material Reclaimer
Matrix Worker
Mattress Filling Machine Tender
Mattress Maker
Mattress Spring Encaser
Mattress Stripper
Maturity Checker
Measuring Machine Operator
Meat Carrier
Meat Hanger
Meat Lugger
Meat Passer
Meat Puller
Meat Pumper
Meat Salter, Hand
Meat Soaker
Meat Stringer
Meat Washer
Mechanical Oxidizer
Mechanism Assembler
Mellowing Machine Operator
Melt-House Drag Operator
Metal Bed Assembler
Metal Hanger
Mexican Food Machine Tender
Mica Builder
Mica Layer
Mica Machine Operator
Mica Plate Layer, Hand
Mica Spreader
Mica Washer Gluer
Middle Card Tender
Mill Feeder
Mill Hand
Mill Operator
Mill Roll Rewinder
Mill Stenciler
Mill Tender
Mill Work
Mill Worker
Milled Rubber Tender
Miller, Head, Assistant, Wet Process
Miniature Set Constructor
Mirror Specialist
Miter Grinder Operator
Mixer Slagman
Mixer, Diamond Powder
Mixer, Hand
Mixing Machine Operator
Mock Up Builder
Model and Mold Maker
Model and Mold Maker, Plaster
Model Maker
Model Maker, Fiberglass
Moisture Conditioner Operator
Moisture Machine Tender
Mold Breaker
Mold Dumper
Mold Holder
Mold Laminator
Mold Parter
Mold Presser
Mold Runner
Mold Sander
Mold Setter
Mold Sprayer
Mold Stamper
Mold Stripper
Mold Swabber
Mold Unloader
Mold Yard Worker
Molder, Automobile Carpets
Molder, Inflated Ball
Molder, Labels
Molder, Shoe Parts
Molder, Shoulder Pad
Molder, Wax Ball
Molding Machine Operator
Monogram and Letter Paster
Monogram Technician
Mop Handle Assembler
Mop Machine Operator
Mop Maker
Motor Builder, Winding
Motor Polarizer
Motorcycle Assembler
Motorcycle Builder
Motorcycle Subassembler
Mount Loader
Mounter, Clock and Watch Hands
Mounter, Smoking Pipe
Mouthpiece Maker
Mud Boss
Mud Car Worker
Mud Worker
Multifocal Lens Assembler
Musical String Maker
MVA Reactor Operator (Monovinylacetylene Reactor Operator)
Nailer, Hand
Napper Tender
Narrow Fabric Calenderer
Neck Cutter
Neck Skewer
Needle Bar Molder
Needle Control Cheniller
Needle Loom Tender
Needle Punch Machine Operator
Neon Tube Pumper
Net Maker
Nib Finisher
Nitrator Operator
Nitrocellulose Operator
Noodle Maker
Novelty Worker
Nozzle Tender
Numberer and Wirer
Nut Cracker
Nut Feeder
Nut Grinder
Nylon Hot Wire Cutter
Nylon Machine Operator
Nylon Operator
Oil Dipper
Oil Expeller Operator
Oil Extractor
Oil Pipe Inspector Helper
Oil Seal Assembler
Oil Treater
Oiling Machine Operator
Olive Pitter
Open Hearth Laborer
Opener Tender
Operator, Cavity Pump
Optical Goods Worker
Ordering Machine Operator
Ordnance Truck Installation Mechanic
Ore Feeder
Ore Fielder
Ornament Maker, Hand
Ornament Setter
Outfitter, Cabin
Oven Dauber
Oven Laborer
Overlay Plastician
Pack Room Operator
Packaging Technician
Pad Machine Operator
Pad Maker
Padded Products Finisher
Padder, Cushion
Padding Gluer
Padding Machine Operator
Pail Bailer
Paint Brush Maker
Paint Mixer, Hand
Paint Roller Assembler
Paint Roller Cover Machine Setter
Paint Roller Covermaker
Painter, Sign
Pallet Assembler
Pan Greaser
Pan Greaser, Machine
Panel Coverer, Metal Furniture
Panel Cutter
Panel Edge Sealer
Panel Laminator
Panel Lay-Up Worker
Panel Maker
Paper Bundler
Paper Core Machine Operator
Paper Finisher
Paper Inserter
Paper Novelty Maker
Paper Reel Operator
Paper Sorter
Paper Stripper
Papier Mache Molder
Parachute Folder
Parachute Marker
Parachute Packer
Parachute Rigger
Part Maker
Partition Assembler
Partition Assembly Machine Operator
Pass Boy
Pass Worker
Paster, Hand
Paster, Hand or Machine
Paster, Screen Printing
Patch Worker
Patcher, Bowling Ball
Patcher, Hand
Pattern Boy
Pattern Carrier
Pattern Duplicator
Pattern Gater
Pattern Hand
Pattern Marker
Pattern Marker, Hand
Pattern Ruler
Pattern Worker
Patternmaker, Envelope
Patternmaker, Plaster
Peanut Salter
Peg Driver
Pegger, Dobby Looms
Perforating Machine Operator
Petroleum Refinery Worker
Pharmaceutical Operator
Phosphoric Acid Operator
Photograph Finisher
Photographer Helper
Photoresist Laminator, Printed Circuit Board
Piano Case and Bench Assembler
Piano Stringer
Pick Remover
Pick-Pulling Machine Operator
Picker Machine Operator
Picker Tender
Picking Machine Operator
Picking Table Worker
Pickle Pumper
Pickler, Continuous Pickling Line
Picture Framer
Pie Maker, Machine
Piece Worker
Pier Worker
Pig Handler
Pigment Processor
Pigs Feet Finisher
Pill Machine Operator
Pill Maker
Pillow Cleaner
Pillowcase Turner
Pilot Control Operator
Pin Boy
Pin Inserter, Regulator
Pin or Clip Fastener
Pin Sticker
Pin Worker
Pipe Chipper
Pipe Cleaner
Pipe Finisher
Pipe Maker
Pipe Roller
Pipe Setter
Pipe Smoker Machine Operator
Pipe Stem Aligner
Pipe Stripper
Pipe Turner
Pit Hand
Pit Laborer
Pit Slagman
Pitch Filler
Planer, Stone
Plastic Roller
Plastic Top Assembler
Plastics Fabricator
Plastics Worker
Plate Setter, Flexographic Press
Plate Stacker
Plate Stacker Hand
Plate Stacker, Machine
Platen Builder-Up
Pleater, Hand
Pleating Machine Operator
Plug Shaper, Hand
Plugging Machine Operator
Plumbing Hardware Assembler
Ply Splicer
Pneumatic Jacketer
Pocketed Spring Assembler
Pole Framer
Polishing Pad Mounter
Polymerization Kettle Operator
Polysilicon Preparation Worker
Pot Builder
Pot Pusher
Poultice Machine Operator
Poultry Cleaner
Poultry Hanger
Poultry Picker
Poultry Picking Machine Tender
Poultry Pinner
Pouncing Lathe Operator
Pourer, Candles
Powder Worker, TNT
Power Driven Brush Maker
Power Machine Operator
Preassembler and Inspector
Preassembler, Printed Circuit Board
Preform Plate Maker
Preparer, Making Department
Preparer, Samples and Repairs
Press Hand, Knit Goods
Pretzel Twister
Primer Assembler
Primer Charger
Primer Inserting Machine Adjuster
Primer Inserting Machine Operator
Priming Powder Premix Blender
Print Controller
Print Washer
Printing Screen Assembler
Probe Test Equipment Technician, Semiconductor Wafers
Process Machine Operator
Process Operator
Processor, Solid Propellant
Production Assembler
Production Hand
Production Leader
Production Line
Production Line Operator
Production Line Worker
Production Machine Tender, Glass Cutting or Grinding
Production Planner
Production Worker
Programming Equipment Operator
Propellant Charge Zone Assembler
Protector Plate Attacher
Pull-Out Operator
Puller and Laster, Machine
Puller Over, Machine
Puller, Machine
Pulp Maker
Pulp Mill Operator
Pulp Operator
Punch Hand
Punch Machine Hand
Punch Machine Operator
Punch-Press Operator
Punchboard Assembler
Puppet Maker
Pure Pak Machine Operator
Push Connector Assembler
Put-in-Beat Adjuster
Putty Glazer
Putty Tinter Maker
Puzzle Assembler
Quilt Stuffer
Quilting Machine Operator
Rack Boy
Rack Girl
Rack Maker
Rack Production Worker
Rack Puller
Rack Pusher
Rack Worker
Racker, Jewelry
Racker, Octave Board
Racker, Sports Equipment
Racket Stringer
Radio Interference Investigator
Rag Boiler
Rag Collector
Rag Production Worker
Rag Washer
Railroad Car-Truck Builder
Rattling Machine Tender
Raw Cheese Worker
Rawhide Bone Roller
Reel and Rewinder Operator
Reel Assembler
Reel Boy
Reel Hooker
Reel Man
Reel Operator
Reel Tender
Reel Worker
Refinery Operator
Refrigeration Houseman
Refrigeration Specialist
Refrigerator Glazier
Regulator Operator
Relief Map Modeler
Relief Worker
Remnants Cutter
Rendering Equipment Tender
Renovator Machine Operator
Repairer, General
Rerolling Machine Operator
Reserve Operator
Resin Painter
Resin Remover
Resin Shaver
Retort Condenser Attendant
Retort Forker
Retort Loader
Revenue Stamper
Reverser, Footballs, Basketballs, Etc.
Rewinder Operator
Ribbon Cleaner
Ribbon Hanking Machine Operator
Ribbon Lap Machine Tender
Ribbon Tier
Ribbon Winder
Rim Fire Priming Tool Setter
Ring Making Machine Operator
Ring Rolling Machine Operator
Rivet Hole Puncher
Riveter, Hand
Rock Breaker
Rock Loader
Rod and Tube Straightener
Rod Straightener
Rod Tape Operator
Rodding Anode Worker
Roll Bucker
Roll Builder
Roll Capper
Roll Changer
Roll Coverer
Roll Line Operator
Roll On Man
Roll On Worker
Roll Operator
Roll Plugger
Roll Plugger Machine Operator
Roll Reclaimer
Roll Skinner
Roll Tender
Roll Turner
Roll Wrapper
Rolled Materials Worker
Roller Machine Operator
Roller Maker
Roller Operator
Roller Skate Assembler
Roller, Hand
Rolling Machine Operator
Roof Fitter
Roofing Machine Tender
Rooter Operator
Rotor Assembler
Round-Up-Ring Hand
Router Operator
Roving Carrier
Roving Hand
Roving Hauler
Roving Machine Operator
Rubber Covering Machine Operator
Rubber Goods Assembler
Rubber Goods Cutter-Finisher
Rubber Liner
Rubber Mill Operator
Rubber Mold Maker
Rubber Press Operator
Rubber Thread Spooler
Rubber Tubing Splicer
Rubber Worker
Rug Braider, Hand
Rug Frame Mounter
Rug Hooker
Rug Sample Beveler
Ruling Machine Operator
Ruling Machine Set-Up Operator
Runner Man
Runner Worker
Running Rigger
Sagger Maker
Salter, Hand
Salvage Machine Operator
Salvage Winder and Inspector
Sample Finisher
Sample Maker
Sample Maker, Hand
Sample Selector
Sand Plant Attendant
Sand Temperer
Sand Worker
Sanitary Napkin Machine Tender
Saturation Equipment Operator
Saturator Operator
Sausage Tier
Saw Setter
Sawmill Production Worker
Scaling Machine Operator
Scarf Gluer
Scoring Machine Operator
Scrap Boy
Scrap Breaker
Scrap Hooker
Scrap Piler
Scrap Shear Operator
Scrap Sorter
Scrap Worker
Screen Handler
Screen Maker
Screen Printer
Screen Tacker
Screen Tender
Screener and Blender Operator
Screener Perfumer
Screw Remover
Screw-Eye Assembler
Scroll Assembler
Scroll Machine Operator
Scudder, Hand
Scutcher Tender
Sealer, Dry Cell
Sealing Machine Operator
Seam Rubbing Machine Operator
Seam Steamer
Seamer Operator
Seasoning Mixer
Second Crusher
Second Operator, Mill Tender
Section Hand
Self Sealing Fuel Tank Builder
Sequencing Machine Operator
Sequins Stringer
Service Attendant
Service Girl
Service Worker
Servicer, Furniture
Set-Key Driver
Set-Staff Fitter
Set-Up Mechanic, Automatic Line
Set-Up Mechanic, Coil Winding Machines
Setter, Juice Packaging Machines
Shade Cloth Finisher
Shake Out Worker
Shaker Out
Shank Carrier
Shank Piece Tacker
Shank Pinner
Shaper, Baseball Glove
Shear Scrapman
Shed Hand
Sheepskin Pickler
Shell Assembler
Shell Machine Operator
Shell Sieve Operator
Shellfish Processing Machine Tender
Ship Scaler
Ship Scraper
Ship Worker
Shirt Folding Machine Operator
Shoe Dyer
Shoelace Tipping Machine Operator
Shop Cooper
Shop Worker
Shot Tube Machine Tender
Shotgun Shell Assembly Machine Adjuster
Shotgun Shell Assembly Machine Operator
Shotgun Shell Loading Machine Operator
Shotgun Shell Reprinting Unit Operator
Shredder Tender, Peat
Shrimp Peeling Machine Operator
Shrinking Machine Operator
Shuttle Maker
Side Door Man
Side Door Worker
Side Laster, Cement
Side Laster, Staple
Siding Stapler
Sieve Maker
Sight Mounter
Sign Writer, Hand
Sign Writer, Machine
Silk Opener
Silk Screen Frame Assembler
Silk Spreader
Sill Worker
Silverware Assembler
Singer (Burning)
Single Stayer Operator
Sink Maker
Sinker Winder
Siphon Operator
Size Stamper
Sizer, Hand
Sizer, Machine
Sizing Machine Tender
Ski Base Trimmer
Ski Molder
Skid Man
Skid Worker
Skilled Laborer
Skimmer, Reverberatory
Skin Former
Skin Lap Bonder
Skin Toggler
Skip Pit Worker
Skip Pitman
Skirt Panel Assembler
Skull Grinder
Slag Mixer
Slag Production Worker
Slasher Tender
Slate Worker
Slide Fastener Chain Assembler
Slide Fastener Repairer
Slide Machine Tender
Slider Assembler
Sliding Joint Maker
Slinger, Sequins
Slip Laster
Slip Operator
Slip Sheeter
Slip Tender
Slip-Seat Coverer
Slitter-Creaser-Slotter Operator
Slunk Skin Curer
Slurry Mixer
Smash Hand
Smoke Room Operator
Smoked Meat Preparer
Smoking Pipe Liner
Soaker, Hides
Soaking Room Operator
Soda Column Operator
Soda Room Operator
Softball Core Molder
Sole Leveler, Machine
Soot Blower
Sorter, Machine
Souvenir and Novelty Maker
Spare Hand
Spare Person
Specialties Operator
Specialty Person
Spice Fumigator
Spice Mixer
Spinner Operator
Spinneret Person
Spiral Machine Operator
Splash Line Operator
Splicing Machine Operator, Automatic
Spooling Machine Operator
Spoon Maker
Sport Shoe Spike Assembler
Sprayer, Leather
Spreader Operator
Spreader Operator, Automatic
Spreader, Machine
Spring Assembler
Spring Clipper
Spring Coverer
Spring Fitter
Spring Layer
Spring Winder
Spun Paste Machine Operator
Squadron Worker
Squeegee Operator
Squeegee Tender
Stacking Machine Operator
Staker, Machine
Stamp Mounter
Stamp Pad Finisher
Stamp Pad Maker
Stamper, Machine
Stamping Machine Operator
Stapler, Hand
Stapler, Machine
Stapling Machine Operator
Starcher, Artificial Flowers
Station Worker
Stave Mill Hand
Steam Drier Tender
Steamer Tender
Steaming Cabinet Tender
Steel Box Toe Inserter
Steel Chipper
Steel Pickler
Steel Plate Caulker
Stem Processing Machine Operator
Stencil Cutter
Stencil Machine Operator
Stencil Maker
Stick Puller
Stitcher Operator
Stitching Machine Operator
Stock Digger
Stock Fitter
Stock Hanger
Stock House Worker
Stock Lifter
Stock Parts Fabricator
Stock Pitcher
Stock Preparer
Stock Sheets Cleaner-Inspector
Stone Driller
Stone Layout Marker
Stone Polisher, Machine Apprentice
Stone Setter
Stoner, Hand
Stop Attacher
Stopboard Assembler
Stopper Setter
Storage Worker
Straightener, Hand
Strand and Binder Controller
Strap Buckler, Machine
Strap Folding Machine Operator
Strap Machine Operator
Straw Hat Brusher
Straw Hat Washer Operator
Stretch Box Tender
Stretching Machine Operator
Strickler Attendant
Strike Out Machine Operator
Striker Off
String Laster
String Top Sealer
String Winding Machine Operator
Stringer Machine Tender
Stringing Machine Operator
Strip Picker
Stripper and Taper
Stripper, Hand
Stroboscope Operator
Studder, Hairspring
Sugar Controller
Sugar Refiner
Sulfate Drier Machine Operator
Sunglass Clip Attacher
Supervisor, Artificial Breast Fabrication
Surfboard Maker
Surgical Dressing Maker
Surgical Forceps Fabricator
Surgical Supplies Sterilizer
Suture Polisher
Suture Winder, Hand
Swager Operator
Swaging Machine Operator
Sweatband Shaper
Sweeper Brush Maker, Machine
Switchbox Assembler
Syrup Maker
T Rail Turner
Tab Machine Operator
Table Cover Folder
Table Hand
Table Top Tile Setter
Table Worker
Table-Top Tile Setter
Tack Coverer
Tack Driller
Tack Picker
Tack Puller, Machine
Tag Machine Operator
Tag Press Operator
Tailings Man
Tailings Worker
Taker Away
Taker Down
Taker Out
Tamale Machine Feeder
Tamale Maker
Tandem Mill Sticker
Tank Assembler
Tankroom Tender
Tanner, Rotary Drum, Continuous Process
Tanning Drum Operator
Tape Folding Machine Operator
Tape Stringer
Taper, Machine
Taper, Printed Circuit Layout
Tapering Machine Operator
Taping Machine Operator
Tapper, Balance Wheel Screw Hole
Tapper, Hand
Tapper, Shank
Tar Chaser
Tar Man
Tar Worker
Tare Man
Tare Worker
Tassel Making Machine Operator
Template Maker, Track
Tennis Ball Cover Cementer
Tennis Ball Coverer, Hand
Test Tube Maker
Tester, Convertible Sofa Bedspring
Thermal Surfacing Machine Operator
Thermometer Production Worker
Thermoscrew Operator
Thermostat Assembly Machine Tender, Automatic
Thermostat Machine Tender
Third Hand
Thrasher Feeder
Thread Separator
Ticket Chopper Assembler
Ticket Printer and Tagger
Tie Binder
Tie Presser
Tierce Filler
Tightening Machine Operator
Tile Edger
Tin Container Straightener
Tin Stacker
Tinsel Machine Operator
Tip Finisher
Tip Stretcher
Tipping Machine Operator
Tire Bagger
Tire Bladder Maker
Tire Builder
Tire Duster
Tire Groover
Tire Molder
Tire Mounter
Tire Recapper
Tire Regrooving Machine Operator
Tire Setter
Tire Stripper
Tire Vulcanizer
Tissue Inserter
Tissue Rewinder
Tobacco Blender
Tobacco Shaker
Toe Former, Stitchdowns
Toe Laster, Automatic
Toe Puncher
Tone Cabinet Assembler
Tong Carrier
Tongue Carrier
Tongue Presser
Tool Worker
Top Former
Top Hat Body Maker
Tower Attendant
Toy Assembler
Track Laminating Machine Tender
Track Worker
Trailer Assembler
Transfer Machine Operator
Transfer Operator
Traveler Changer
Traverse Rod Assembler
Tray Boy
Tray Worker
Treating Machine Operator
Tree Driller
Trim Stencil Maker
Trimming Assembler
Trimming Machine Operator
Tripe Washer
Trolley Boy
Trolley Worker
Trophy Assembler
Truss Assembler
Tub Operator
Tube and Manifold Builder
Tube Balancer
Tube Bender, Hand
Tube Builder, Airplane
Tube Coverer
Tube Former Operator
Tube Machine Operator
Tube Maker
Tube Molder, Fiberglass
Tube Repairer
Tube Roller
Tube Splicer
Tube Winder, Hand
Tubular Splitting Machine Tender
Tuft Machine Operator
Tufter, Hand
Tufting Machine Operator
Tufting Machine Operator, Single Needle
Tumbler Machine Operator
Tumbler Operator
Tungsten Refiner
Turkey Picker
Turkey Pinner
Turn Out
Turning Machine Operator
Twister Hand
Twisting Machine Operator
Twitchell Operator
Typing Element Machine Operator
Ultrasonic Seaming Machine Operator, Semiautomatic
Umbrella Finisher
Umbrella Tipper, Machine
Upholsterer, Assembly Line
Upholsterer, Outside
Upholstery Trimmer
Upper and Bottom Lacer, Hand
Utility Bag Assembler
Utility Operator
Utility Worker
Utility Worker, Extrusion
Utility Worker, Woolen Mill
V Belt Builder
V Belt Coverer
V Belt Curer
V Belt Finisher
Vacuum Bottle Assembler
Vacuum Tank Tender
Valve Fitter
Valve Inserter
Valving Machine Operator
Vamp Creaser
Vamp Strap Ironer
Varnish Remover
Varnishing Unit Operator
Varnishing Unit Tool Setter
Vat Operator
Vat Tender
Vault Person
Vegetable Preparer
Vending Machine Assembler
Veneer Puller
Veneer Repairer, Machine
Veneer Stapler
Veneer Stock Layer
Veneer Taper
Venetian Blind Assembler
Ventilation Equipment Tender
Vessel Scrapper
Vessel Slag Worker
Vessel Slagman
Viner Operator
Viscose Department Worker
Wad Blanking Press Adjuster
Wad Lubricator
Wader Boot-Top Assembler
Wafer Machine Operator
Waist Pleater
Ware Carrier
Warm In
Warm-in Worker
Warp Dresser
Warp Tying Machine Tender
Warper Tender
Waste Hand
Waste Machine Tender
Watch Band Assembler
Water Tender
Wax Machine Operator
Wax Pattern Assembler
Wax Pattern Coater
Wax Pattern Repairer
Wax Pot Tender
Wax Pourer
Weatherstrip Machine Operator
Weaver, Hand
Weaver, Hand Loom
Webbing Tacker
Wedger, Machine
Weft Straightener
Weight Shifter
Welt Beater
Welt Butter, Machine
Welt Wheeler
Wet and Dry Sugar Bin Operator
Wet Mix Operator
Wet Room Worker
Wet-End Helper
Wheel Assembler
Wheel Braider
Wheel Lacer and Truer
Wheel Roller
Wheel Truing Machine Tender
Wheel Worker
Wick and Base Assembler
Wicker Worker
Wicker, Molded Candles
Wig Maker
Wind Up Worker
Winder Hand
Winder Helper
Winder Operator
Winder Tender
Winding Machine Operator
Wire Basket Maker
Wire Border Assembler
Wire Brush Operator
Wire Brusher
Wire Drawer
Wire Frame Dipper
Wire Inserter
Wire Insulator
Wire Roller
Wire Rope Sling Maker
Wire Setter
Wire Spinner
Wire Spooler
Wire Taper
Wire Twister
Wire Twisting Machine Operator
Wire Wrapper Machine Operator
Wood Caulker
Wood Hacker
Wood Heel Finisher
Wood Pole Treater
Wood Room Hand
Wood Web Weaving Machine Operator
Wooden Frame Builder
Wooden Shade Hardware Installer
Woodenware Assembler
Wool Puller
Wool Supplier
Work Distributor
Wort Extractor
Woven Wood Shade Assembler
Wrap Turner
Wrapper Operator
Wreath and Garland Maker
Wreath Machine Tender
Wreath Maker
Wringer Machine Operator
Wringer Operator
Wrinkle Chaser
Yard Jacker
Yarn Carrier
Yarn Hauler
Yarn Mercerizer Operator
Yarn Polishing Machine Operator
Yarn Texturing Machine Operator
Yeast Maker
Yeast Tender

Sources: Career Guide to Industries (CGI), Occupational Information Network (O*Net), Occupation Outlook Handbook (OOH)

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As a Patient Services Representative (PSR) you are a key member of a cross-functional team united by their devotion to serve others. You are the first point of contact for your patients, providers ...
Quantum Health - Columbus, OH, USA - posted 9 days ago ago
GET TO KNOW ALORICA At Alorica, we only do one thing - make lives better, one interaction at a time. We're a global leader in customer service and experience, serving the world's biggest brands with ...
Alorica - Maceo, KY, USA - posted 12 days ago ago
Must be able to work some weekends. Love What You Do, Feel Valued, Grow & Thrive. As a Community Relations Assistant in assisted living & memory care, your day will be filled with opportunities to ...
Belmont Village - Houston, TX, USA - posted 15 days ago ago
Why Work at LeafFilter? LeafFilter Gutter Protection (a Leaf Home Solutions Company) has cultivated a passionate and inspired team with the support of an excellent workplace culture. People are at ...
LeafFilter - Hudson, OH, USA - posted 16 days ago ago
Join the Michael Goodell American Family Insurance Agency team in West Linn, OR! As a customer service representative, you will be responsible for answering questions and discussing product offerings ...
American Family Insurance - West Linn, OR, USA - posted 2 days ago ago
The Best Buy Advisor engages customers using relationship skills and inspires them to see what's possible with technology. In addition, they build quality relationships with customers and clients ...
Best Buy - Tacoma, WA, USA - posted 10 days ago ago
Home Instead Senior Care® is looking for a steady, multi-tasker to join us in our mission to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. This role is at the center of the business with the ...
Home Instead - Bremerton, WA, USA - posted 9 days ago ago
Customer Service/Sales associates provide fast, friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide assistance. These associates learn about products using our tools ...
The Home Depot - Waukesha, WI, USA - posted 5 days ago ago
Seasonal Full-time Warehouse Team Member - $1000 sign-on bonus Hourly pay rate: Earn $16.00/hr or more, plus benefits and a $1,000 sign-on bonus. * Limited-time opportunity Location: Portland, OR Job ...
Amazon Workforce Staffing - Woodland, WA, USA - posted 22 days ago ago
Customer Service - Entry Level Sales We are looking for individuals who are self-motivated, persistent, and can communicate confidently with a strong customer service mindset. Our agents focus on ...
Bankers Life & Casualty Company - University Place, WA, USA - posted 1 month ago ago
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