Life, Physical, and Social Science - GPS Your Career


GPS Your Career: According to the BLS, the States with the highest employment level in the Life, Physical, and Social Science occupational group are:

California (177,540 workers)
Texas (82,370)
New York (67,870)
Massachusetts (49,070)
Pennsylvania (45,910)

States with the highest concentration of jobs are:

District of Columbia (36.26 per 1,000 jobs)
Alaska (18.89)
Maryland (15.85)
Montana (15.55)
Wyoming (15.22)

The top paying States for this occupation are below.  These States are all clustered in a narrow Northeast corridor.

District of Columbia ($102,210 annual mean wage)
New Jersey ($88,880)
Maryland ($87,780)
Virginia ($85,310)
Connecticut ($83,080)