Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupation Profiles


The Healthcare Practitioners and Technical occupation profiles compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (released in May 2016 and modified in March 2017) include specific information about 61 distinct occupational job types.

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Fast Facts: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) estimates that 8,318,500 are employed in this occupational group earning the “mean annual wage” (as defined below) of $79,160.

If you are interested in assessing long-term trends and comparing the Bureau’s annual surveys beginning in 1988 see here.

In general, the “mean” is the sum of the total values (e.g., wages) in the data set or survey divided by number of values (while the “median” is the middle value in same the sequence. The term “mean annual wage” (or “MAW”) is calculated by multiplying the mean hourly wage as determined by the BLS by a “year-round, full-time” hours figure of 2,080 hours. So, for example, the Healthcare Practitioners and Technical group’s mean hourly wage of $38.057, multiplied by 2,080, results in the mean annual wage of $79,160.

Distinct Occupational Types (by size):
Largest EmploymentRegistered Nurses--2,857,180
Smallest Employment Category—Prosthodontists--750

Highest Paid (mean annual wage) 

Lowest Paid (from the lowest)

What’s Hot: As some form of universal healthcare periodically receives national attention, the top nine spots of the Healthcare Practitioners and Technical group all exceed $200,000 in annual average income led by Anesthesiologists ($269,600), “Surgeons” ($252,910), and the small number of Orthodontists (5,200 members with a MAW of $228,780); the 21 top paid occupations in this group average over $100,000. In addition, animal lovers are compensating Veterinarians at $100,560 (that’s a lot of milk bones) and the somewhat misunderstood Chiropractors average $81,210.

What’s Not: In light of the country’s collective obsession with dieting, the Least Paid Dietetic Technicians ($29,360) with only 32,240 members seem to be under-recruited and underpaid. Also, while athletes are among the Best Paid in the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media group, Athletic Trainers, who help keep the players on the field, are still among the Least Paid at $47,880. Notwithstanding their television profile, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics have a mean annual wage $36,110.

Wage Estimates for the entire group can be found here.

Sources: In addition to specific citations noted, supplementary source materials include the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.